Equipment for painting and surface protection

Cabins for painting with liquid paints in S and standard works
Cabins for drying liquid paints in S and standard works
Cabins for painting by the process of pulverisation ( plastification)
Drying chambers for pulver baking
Continuous lines for painting with liquid paints and pulver
Devices for preparation of elements for painting ( tables for primer painting, tables for dust separation…)
Device for degreasing in trichlore
Continuous device for degreasing
Lines for galvanization ( zincing, nickel plating, chrome plating, tin covering, anozidation)

Cabins for painting with liquid paints- polish as well as cabins for pulverisation of semi closed type, divided from the surrounding space by floor, ceiling and with three side walls. All the cabins are supplied with light and ventilation system for dust separation and air refreshment. Devices for plover painting are made in Switzerland by GEMA.

Cabins for liquid painting are supplied with nets and rolling table above the bath filled with water, and cabins with S mark fully comply with demands of Ex protection.

Drying cabins are adjusted for fast drying of lacquers and pulver baking. Body of the cabin consists of thermicaly insulated walls, ceiling, floor with rails for carriages and a door with closing mechanism. Fans for the circulation of the air are placed on the ceiling. Heating of the air in the cabins is achieved by electrical heaters and other energy sources ( steam, gas). On demand cabins can also be made in Ex protection.